President of the Council of the Casablanca-Settat region

Moroccan capital of economy and innovation,

As the Moroccan capital of economics and innovation, the region of Casablanca-Settat draws from far back in time its roots as the industrial and financial powerhouse of the African continent. For example, we recall that the “Dar el Beida” took off for the first time from here in Casablanca in 1907. It was the first time an aircraft rose above the Atlas Mountains.

“Higher, faster, further”, this motto of international aviation was taken very seriouslyby our territory because ever since this historic event it has continued to be at the peak of economic dynamism and the mastering of the most innovative techniques. Today, Casablanca-Settat has imposed itself as one of the indispensable localities of world aerospace. This success can be explained by our strong mobilisation in favor of the employment of the younger generations. In Casablanca innovation rhymes with education.

In order to emphasise this process that is both pragmatic and symbolic, the Casablanca-Settat region has decided to join forces with the new concept dedicated to the aero-spatial field: the “Aerospace African Forum”. This international event, centered on the foremost challenges of the third dimension, in the twenty-first century, is organised by GIMAS with the help of the Africa Air Forum team. It is directed to the decision-makers of the air industry and takes place at the prestigious site of Casablanca. Invited to this meeting are the principal players in the aero-spatial domain across the world, the international press, the representatives of public authorities, and all the deciders on our continent who concern themselves with progress in general and that of aeronautics in particular. Helping to think about the changes in the world in which aerospace plays a key role is one of the lines of action set by our Region for its industrial development and integration into international value chains.

Through this event, Casablanca-Settat confirms itself as a political and economic asset for Africa, an opportunity for Morocco, and a major partner for aerospace manufacturers worldwide.