President/ CEO of GIMAS

Adapting, innovating, bouncing back, these are the founding qualities that we recognize in the aeronautics sector. Resilient qualities that were able to highlight the 140 Moroccan companies federated within GIMAS, during the planetary crisis which did not spare the African continent.

It is the mobilization of all our members, the obligation to reinvent ourselves that made us aware of the need to create an international event of exchange and sharing bringing together all the decision-makers of Africa with those of this industry that embody the best of globalization. The Aerospace African Forum is part of the dynamic response that we bring to contribute to the new ecological and economic revolution that is shaking our Earth.

Fully involved in the holding of this first Aerospace African Forum, GIMAS would like to remind you that it places training and innovation at the forefront. GIMAS shares this ambition with the Moroccan government in a forward-looking partnership. The industrial evolution of aero for more than a century is linked to the history of Morocco and Casablanca is a pivotal city. Therefore, what could be more obvious than Casablanca hosting this first edition of the Aerospace African Forum!

The Responsible Industrial Federation GIMAS can affirm that aerospace is fully aware of the challenges of climate, social, economic,
sanitary facilities that are disrupting our planet. Sustainable responses, particularly in this capital subject of mobility, are at the heart of its approach.

Sustainable Mobilities! This is precisely the theme of this first edition of the Aerospace African Forum.