Mohamed Abdeljalil
Ministry of Transport and Logistics

With a network of 26 airports, including 19 international ones, Morocco has connected its territories to each other and connected them to the world. Air mobility is a clear sign of the dynamism of a country. In Morocco, it is the expression of a national success. The key to this success is to have initiated a policy for the aviation sector, which has been able to effectively bring together many of the country’s assets in the service of a dynamic performance.

Morocco also has this specificity that geography and a resolute political vision favor: to be a hub for Europe and Africa, a hub widely open to the Atlantic and the rest of the world. To embody this reality, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, aware of the global climate challenge, supports the development of air transport taking into account the specificities of our different regions and the international context. It also ensures the regulation essential to the safety of people and property. Faced with this global challenge, Africa, as much by strategic vision as by necessity, must fully play its role.

Faithful to its vocation as a gateway to Africa, Morocco wants to bring together the actors concerned by this challenge. This is why the Ministry of Transport and Logistics actively supports the holding of the Aerospace African Forum.