Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation

Aeronautics is one of Morocco’s most emblematic global professions. The positive results recorded there are promising and suggest that strengthening the country’s position in the global aeronautical value chain is possible. This legitimate ambition requires strong actions in terms of preparing quality human capital and boosting technological innovation capacities; two essential ingredients to boost the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Moroccan aeronautical ecosystem.

The National Plan for Accelerating the Transformation of the Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Ecosystem advocates a new model of the Moroccan university which enshrines excellence and suggests a new generation of partnership with regional players and economic operators, including those in the aeronautics sector. The rapprochement with GIMAS to inquire about the needs of the sector in terms of engineers, technicians and middle managers as well as R&D testifies to the interest that the Ministry takes in the development of this ecosystem and in raising its position on the scale of specialization.

For the MESRI, the organization of the Aerospace African Forum is fully in line with this structuring approach. It is a major opportunity to showcase the many assets of the Kingdom capable of establishing it as an industrial platform of choice on the continental and international level.

We are building the skills of tomorrow to meet the challenges of structural competitiveness.