Ryad Mezzour
Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Aerospace Morocco has established itself as a high-level international platform. It is the fruit of a constant and coherent industrial and commercial policy desired for a long time at the highest level of the State. The result is this territory connected to the whole planet, rich in human geography where we find a large number of engineers and technicians with the resources to conduct high-level R&T. This high value-added capacity allows the validation of the fundamental research necessary in the various industrial processes to conduct the studies, the realizations and the development of the products necessary for the aviation of our century.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is a major player in the creation of value, employment, sovereignty and the future of the country. He does not forget that these capacities are necessary for the development of his continent as well as of our planet as a whole. In the front line to succeed in these structuring challenges, it is natural that we support GIMAS, representative of this sector in Morocco, which mobilized for the holding of the Aerospace African Forum. An event that will make our current and future partners better aware of its tremendous growth potential. The Aerospace African Forum is a long-term meeting and helps to forge the links essential to the implementation of a responsible and sustainable policy to which Morocco is fully committed.