Mohcine Jazouli
Moroccan Delegated Minister charged with Investment, Convergence, and the Evaluation of public political matters

For over ten years Morocco has shown one of the highest investment rates in the world. In fact, every year it is about 30% of the GDP that is mobilised in order to build the future of the country. The world average, which is about 20%, is therefore surpassed by half. This determination to invest for the young generations also explains the exceptional growth of the aerospace industry in our country. A growth that results from a royal decision to strengthen the economic and technological development of Morocco.

This willingness to invest in particular in activities which create employment opportunities and added value, serves as a locomotive in the national private sector. This mission, of which my ministry is a concrete expression, does not come to a halt at the financial dimension. In this manner a permanent amelioration of the business environment through the modernisation of the judicial and regulatory frameworks as well as the simplification and digitalisation of administrative procedures is the object of all the care and caution of the ministry that I direct. Our objective is to offer a dynamic setting for the continued growth of private national and international investment. In order to attain this, we rely on digital technologies and the digital transformation of the economic contributors. As far as we are concerned, the innovations that we foster must contribute in a significant manner to the reduction of the cost of production factors and in the domain of the aerospace industry this is a major factor.

With a view to better make known this dynamism, the Aerospace Africa Forum comes at the most opportune time. By assembling in Casablanca the deciders of the entire world who are affected by the multiple opportunities that the mastery of the third dimension offers, it contributes to helping us write the future of our territories and highlight the fact that this know-how so patiently developed is also at the service of the whole African continent.